Stormwater Assessment & Compliance

Stormwater management presents facility owners and municipalities with a range of compliance, monitoring, and source control challenges. Stormwater contaminants—which can originate from on-site sources (via industrial and municipal discharges), airborne deposition during storm events, and various upgradient sources (e.g., roads and parking lots)—often flow unchecked directly into rivers and streams. Regardless of the origin, contaminated stormwater has the potential to impact both human health and the environment.

Issues stemming from contaminated stormwater have gained prominence as property development has continued to reduce the natural filtering functions of our wetlands and watersheds. As a result, local, state, and federal governments are establishing more stringent stormwater management requirements. The management of stormwater-related issues will continue to be a focus for industry and municipalities, especially as discharge limits tighten, monitoring requirements increase, existing infrastructure ages, and urban development spreads. Thus, Windward offers clients a broad array of stormwater-related services, including:

  • Surface water and stormwater planning
  • Stormwater system assessment and management
  • Stormwater and receiving water quality monitoring and characterization
  • Source identification, characterization, and control
  • Basin and comprehensive stormwater planning
  • Stormwater compliance and regulatory support
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit support (e.g., planning, application, review, negotiation, source control, and treatment design)

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